Game Review: StirFry Stunts

We Bare Bears Ice Bear is heating up in the kitchen. StirFry Stunts is a cooking management game where cooking, serving and distraction is the key to successfully earn money as much as possible.

The game has no time limit and there are 3 allowable customers that can leave before it's game over. It's a simple game but it's quite addicting and can get very confusing once the game is on it's "hard" mode.

The Gameplay

It starts off slow with one customer and a dish they ordered. As the order is served, it will then add additional customers until there are more coming in. This is where it gets a bit confusing.

Each customer has a time limit or a patience limit, if the food they are serving is not successfully delivered then they walk out. Thus, one of your allowable customer will be deducted. Once all 3 are gone, it's game over.

Each food that the customer ordered can have random combination so it is hard to precook which one is salable.

Game Review: StirFry Stunts

The Food

In the first launch of the game, there will be 2 side dishes and 3 raw meats. The side dishes and meats will increase if upgrades are purchased so that's a total of 4 side dishes and 6 raw meats to be cooked. Each customer has a different combination for this. Some can even have 2 side dishes with one meat.


  • Cook the meat that takes the longest and place them on the plate for reservation until someone orders it.

Game Review: StirFry Stunts

The Upgrades

The game has no time limit so earning coins is the key in this game. The more coins earned, the better the upgrades that can be bought.

The food upgrades help with earning more scores than the ones that are already set up but the downside would be more food to cook and serve.

The utensils upgrades help with serving the food and make cooking a little bit easier.

The distraction upgrades help with slowing down time and distracting the customer. This is where Grizz and Panda are helpful.


  • Buy additional plates first so that there are 2 more additional plates with a total of 4.
  • Buy the food next to earn more scores to get the highest upgrades there is.

Game Review: StirFry Stunts


The game is interesting enough especially if you are a We Bare Bears fan. Although it could use some more features but then again, the game already served it' goal - Ice Bear cooking up a storm.

Game Review: StirFry Stunts

Game Statistics

Difficulty: 4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Cartoon Network

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


We Bare Bear's Ice Bear is cooking up a storm. A cooking management game just like any other but with no time limit! What are you waiting for? Let's get cooking!

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