Game Review: Sugar Slide

Sugar Slide is a sliding puzzle game that creates a path from Point A to Point B. The goal of the game is to complete all levels so that Fred and Ginger will find their way back home.

Fred and Ginger got separated from their family when a wicked witch zapped them out of their lovely home and place them on an unknown mysterious forest.

There are exactly 5 Packs. Packs are like the level or path you need to complete to reach the goal. Each Pack contains around 60 levels.

Game Review: Sugar Slide

When you finish all 60 levels, you need to unlock by using your stars earned. So, getting 3 stars is highly recommended.

When you play a certain level, you need to watch your sliding moves. The lower the moves, the higher chances of getting 3 stars.

This sliding puzzle isn't really that hard but it doesn't mean that you don't use your brain. There are some levels that have other paths that totally depends on the moves you make. We don't know what the other levels offer since we are still in Pack 2.

Game Review: Sugar Slide


  • Not all path slides are used, some paths are just there to mislead you.
  • You can retake the path (especially those with lower stars) over and over until you get 3 stars

What first drawn us to this game was the graphics. It is definitely "yum" worthy. The second would be the gameplay. Face it, puzzles game are great for "pass the time" moments especially if you are so bored.

This game is highly addictive once you start playing and earning those stars. We suggest you play this when you have lots of time to spare.

Game Statistics

Levels per Pack: 60

Packs: 5

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android


  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Help Fred and Ginger find their way home in this sweet sliding puzzle game!

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