Game Review: Survival Arena

Survival Arena has only one goal in mind – SURVIVE. This strategic tower defense game has a twist that leaves your brain in jumbles.

Instead of following the usual Tower defense game strategy that we all come to love (Game Review: Legends TD / Realm Defense), this  game makes you do all the work.

The Tournament

You are presented with different types of tournament and you need to place the tower on the Arena and defend your base. Each tournament has a 24 hour timeline and you can play as much as you want while also going up the leader board ladder.

Once the 24 hour timeline is done, you can receive items that you can use for upgrades or buy some chests or lock picks.

You can even duel with a random player in the game if you are confident enough to defeat his/her tower. If you win, then you will receive a prize.

The Game Play

The game encourages you to use different strategies in order to survive as much as you can and kill as much as you can.

Use your other ammo’s especially when enemies are hard to kill. Choose the best one that fits your strategy.


  • When placing your weapons, it is always best to do a zigzag line.
  • Try to put the towers and aim that the path marks are further away from your base as possible.
  • Upgrade your towers when you can. It really does not matter if you place a LOT of towers but they are still in level 1. The enemy can still outrun your towers.
  • Use the snowball, it will freeze your enemies for a short while.

Game Review: Survival Arena

The items

Chests are very important since they possess the “cards” that upgrades your tower. Although you need to wait a certain amount before you can open them.

Try to complete task list as much as you can, since these will earn you items that you can use for upgrades and others.

Game Review: Survival Arena

It is certainly a different take on the tower defense game but the competitiveness plus the uniqueness it brings is a recipe of not a boring game.

Although there are still some more tournaments to unlock for us, this game is definitely a keeper.

Game Review: Survival Arena

Game Statistics

Tournaments: ???

Difficulty: 4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Game Sight

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Dare to survive? Use all your weapons on defending your tower against your enemies!

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