game review tinker island

The ship has sunk. Some survivors washed on the shore of a deserted island. What do you do?

This Choose your own adventure mixed with Survivor game play called Tinker Island is something we all need just in case we do get stuck in a deserted island and we need to escape from it.

In this game, you get to assign a survivor to do a bunch of things. One can explore the island and others can do the building or the gathering of the resources. There are 4 basic resources, at  first, that you will need in order to survive. The Food, The Wood, The Stone and the Rope.

The key to maximizing and making the progress of each task faster is the skills of the survivor. Each survivor has their own strengths and weaknesses but can be developed if “buildings” are built to level up each skill.


  • Take a look at the task – you will see the icons that is required.
  • Hand is for gathering.
  • Magnifying glass is for searching.
  • Hammer is for building.
  • With this task, you will be able to assign which person to the task really well.

game review tinker island

Each task has a progress. It needs to be 100% in order for the task to be DONE or to get the items at the end of the task.


Most areas need the food resources. So make sure you have plenty of food resources in order to explore.


In order to get food, you need to gather this resource and achieve a 100%. Another way is to create “buildings” such as fishing spot in order to gather food (although we are still “training” in this area but we think this gets us more food resource.)

Wild Animals

Most exploration always have a mini fight especially with wild animals they stumble along the way. You fight with them either with the tools you create or perhaps your fist.


  • It is possible you cannot win the fight especially if the HP of the animal is higher than yours.
  • Use the Run away button and say “I’ll be back!” (Just kidding).
  • But seriously, you can come back to the fight once you have recharged.
  • Or better yet, you can assign another survivor to continue the fight 

game review tinker island

In the logbook, you get to test your leadership and the fate of your survivors. There are also riddles to answer in the logbook (which we failed miserable). Mini games are also in the game in which you get to gather some birds that can be used for exploring.

So many features to explore and it certainly got us hooked! A true adventure indeed!

Game Statistics

Spots to Explore: No Idea

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Kongregate

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Want to have an Adventure? Get shipwrecked and survive in this desert island (that you can name as Tinker Island) and have a knack of using your survival skills in order to survive and escape!

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