Game Review: Tiny Archers

The Defense – One Tower. One Bow and A lot of arrows versus The Offense – Goblins or Trolls (plenty of them) trained with different skills and abilities. Both have one goal – Kill the enemy.

Tiny Archers is more like a tower-defense and a mix of a shooting kind of a game where you control how the arrows shoot towards the enemy. (A dramatic slow motion is also available if you do a critical hit on the enemies.)

The game play starts with Adam and how he encounters these dastardly Goblins who dare tries to take his noble life.

Game Review: Tiny Archers

The Memory

Each day you “unlock” gives you an idea on what these Goblins or Trolls are skilled at and how each of them will try and “hurt” you using their weapons.

There will be tips given by the game on how to defeat them but it really is up to your hand skills to get it right or not.

Game Review: Tiny Archers


  • Each day has a different enemy in sight. But then again, as each day passes, enemies from the previous day will appear. So if you are hoping those pesky enemies that you had difficult killing won’t show up, Think again.

Game Review: Tiny Archers

The Enemies

Each enemy has different skills and abilities.

  • Enemies with weapons – mostly walk fast and can be easy to do head shots.
  • Enemies with archers – mostly walk slow and will shoot arrows as they approach you.
  • Enemies with shields – mostly walk really slow and will require effort to defeat them.


  • Always aim for the head. They get killed instantly.
  • Enemies with weapons are easy to do head shots. Aim your arrow 2cm before the enemy and shoot.
  • Enemies with shields are tricky. Disable them with their leg and shoot for the head.

Game Review: Tiny Archers

A Blacksmith can be visited after each day (victory or defeat). You can buy arrows ahead to replenish it after every battle.


  • Restarting the game does not replenish your arrows.
  • Upgrade your Bows when you have the coins. It is possible that you will run out of arrows because there are just too many enemies to fight off.

Although, we are still in the process of unlocking some other stages but this game shows some promise. We took a small peek at the developers screenshot and there are still yet some enemies we have yet to uncover! It’s a great game to pass the time and let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be so cool to be an archer (just once) in your life?

Game Statistics

Story: 4

Difficulty: 4

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: 1 Der Entertainment

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
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Defend your tower! Channel that inner Archer that has been hiding within you!

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