Game Review: Toon Blast

Get addicted to yet another puzzle game that makes every boring day last. Toon Blast is a puzzle game where in you blast blocks of the same color and form them into rockets or bombs while destroying or obtaining what needs to be obtained.

Just like any puzzle game, Toon Blast is a challenge and you might get frustrated once you go into a difficult level. You have a maximum of 5 lives. If you fail to achieve the goal of the level, you lose a life but if you pass it, then your life is saved.

Game Review: Toon Blast

The gameplay

There is a maximum number of moves that you need to do before it's game over. Failure to finish the goal means you are out of moves and you lose a life. But on the other hand, if you achieve the goal, then prepare for bonuses (given you still have moves left).

The bigger the score, the more stars you earn and thus more chances of opening up the star chest and get boosters or helpers or even coins.

Game Review: Toon Blast

The Boosters and Helpers

These are very important especially if you only have a few moves left and you need it to finish the level.

Hammer - This destroys one of the blocks that you need to destroy. This is especially handful if you need to smash a block with a transparent film or move a block away so that some stuff needs to fall down.

Boxing gloves - This punches a whole row of blocks.

Anvil - This flattens the whole column of blocks.

Dice - Reshuffles the entire block.

Bomb and Rocket  - The combination of this two results a big explosion and this will help you achieve your goals a whole lot faster.

Rocket - Rockets direction can be horizontal and vertical. This can be achieved if you can form a block of more than 5.

Bomb - This bombs only the surrounding areas of the bomb - estimated to be 5x5 in area.

The Hindrance

There are lot of hindrances in the game that more or less make you lose a life. You have the pinata, the jelly that eats the block, the carrot hat, the transparent film, the crates and boxes and a whole lot more.

These hindrances make the game more interesting and to be honest, such a bother!

The Verdict

Another alternative to the usual puzzle game that we all love, Toon Blast is as addictive as it gets however, the 5 lives maximum can be a pain.

Game Review: Toon Blast

Game Statistics

Episode: 21

Levels: 700

Difficulty: 4.5

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Peak Games

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Cartoons and Puzzle Game? We're in! Blast blocks of the same color and form bombs and rockets to finish the goal!



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