Game Review: Tower Conquest

Tower Conquest is a tower defense, mind boggling, all in strategy game that redefines the meaning of defending ones turf. There are 2 goals in the game. Defend ones tower and crush the enemies and their tower to smithereens.

The Tower and its Army

The first soldier that you get is from the kingsmen. You will be able to unlock more soldiers once you collect enough “cards” from enemies you destroy. Once you have unlocked enough soldiers, it is time to build your squad.


  • Enemies that you have encountered in the battle will show up at the Army section once you have defeated them.

To build a squad, look at the soldiers statistics and choose very wisely. You can mix and match your soldiers (as long as they are unlocked) from different armies.


  • Don’t be fooled by the big HP or the biggest attacks. Some soldiers can delay the enemy from reaching your base.
  • Coins are important because they upgrade the soldiers level.

To gain items especially cards, you need to either

  • Level up – this will earn you coins, gems and full energy.
  • Reach the treasure chest once you have defeated all 5 stages – this will earn you cards and coins.

Game Review: Tower Conquest

The squad

Game Review: Tower Conquest

The soldier’s statistics

The Battle and The Arena

There are 5 stages per Map and each Battle has 3 accomplishments.

  • Tower has no damage.
  • Battle has finished before the timer reaches 0.
  • You win the battle.

If one of the accomplishments is not fulfilled, the map will not disappear and you can retake the battle over and over again.

The Arena mode (unlocked when you reach Level 10) wherein you can fight with other opponents playing the game also.

Game Review: Tower Conquest

The map

Game Review: Tower Conquest

The Preview before the Fight

Side Note

  • You get to see what kind of enemies you will face and their levels
  • There is a limit as to how many fights you can do. Take note on your energy level.

The Real Battle Begins

Your mana (blue circle icon) needs to be upgraded every now and then. Depending on the mana requirement of your soldier, the soldier cannot be summoned if your mana is below the requirement. So upgrading it is very important.


  • It is best to quickly upgrade your mana to summon your strongest or best soldier.
  • Upgrade your mana if and only if the enemies are still at their base camp so that you can buy time before they reach your tower.
  • At the start of the battle, Upgrade mana before summoning!
  • Your tower can help in destroying the enemy. So pay attention once it can be summoned.

Some soldiers have a long cooling down period and may require more time before being summoned again.


  • Soldiers with longer cooling time are very strong. This can also be a good time to upgrade mana or to summon a lot of not so strong soldiers.

When you defeat an enemy, some powers will float up. These icons are helpful especially if you are in a pinch during the battle.

Floating Icons

  • Coins increases your existing coins.
  • Tornado sweeps the enemies back to their tower.
  • Heart makes the enemy retreat back to their tower.
  • Freeze makes the enemy stop on their tracks.

Game Review: Tower Conquest

On a side note, Experiment on the best strategy that you are comfortable with and stick with it! That’s how you win the battle.

Tower Conquest is one highly addictive game and it makes you not want to put your phone down. Definitely a keeper!

Game Statistics

Maps: ???

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: TangoMe, Inc

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Tower Conquest is one of the most addictive Tower Defense game that you just can’t put your phone down!

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