Train Taxi is a puzzle maze game that lets you collect passengers, coins or gems in every level. The more you collect the longer your train is. If one of your train cars meets the other, the game is over. Each level does not get harder but it does make your train longer. So you have to be very careful as to where you turn your train so as to not meet with each other.

The Gameplay

The game is fairly simple. They give small instructions on how to play it. Simply swipe left or right as to where you want your train to move. There is a counter at the top to indicate how many passengers or coins or gems you have picked up.

There are some level that have keys in the level these guys (when completed in 3’s) will give you a bonus page to unlock 3 chest to earn coins or gems.

Game Review: Train Taxi


  • Always take the longest route because if you take the shortest, your train will crash.

The Coins and Gems

Coins and Gems can be used to buy new trains or new design of a train. There is no special feature if you unlock one or buy one, just the fact that the design is cool and has cool animation when you pick up passengers or coins or gems.

Some levels suggest that you can buy or unlock new train by watching ads.

Since this is a free game, it is mostly run by ads every now and then. So better watch out.

Game Review: Train Taxi


Another simple game that really isn’t hard and isn’t easy and one of those games that could pass time and relatively easy to finish a level. It’s an okay for us in terms of game play but the graphics are commendable due to it’s simple yet cute design.

Game Statistics

Levels: ??? (We are at 125 and it’s still going)

Difficulty: 3

Platform: iOS and Android

Developer: Say Games

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Pick up passengers and see how long the train runs!

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