Game Review: TrVe Metal Quest

TrVe Metal Quest is an old school, quest-like, adventure-ish point and click game that is very much inspired by the very famous LucasArts. The game is rather short and fast – if and only if you have the street smarts to finish your task.

It sets in the downtown area – possibly – where you see shops of different sorts. You are standing near the drug store, across the venue and super excited just to watch your favorite MethAlchDeth show. But then again, you meet a “bouncer” who criticizes on what you wear. And so the task begins.

Game Review: TrVe Metal Quest

The game layout is pretty much organized. You have your inventory to look at the items and the action buttons on what you need to do for an item or person.

The Task

You have a list of items to fulfill on what you need to wear to attend the show.

  • A Spikey Jacket
  • Camouflage Pants
  • Facepaint (should be white with black eyes)
  • Patch on your jacket of the name of your favorite band

Each task is a bit tricky but if you are familiar with LucasArts style kind of game, you have no worries.


  • Use the eyes and hands on every item you have acquired.


There are several places that you can get your items and some of them can be combined. Just keep in mind on the list of items. You can explore the area but it is just a short walk and those items that are “clickable” are meant to be taken.


  • Drug Store
  • Vending Machine
  • The Manhole
  • The Tree
  • The Phone Booth
  • The Trash Can
  • The Kiosk

Game Review: TrVe Metal Quest

Some items are meant to be combined so think on the items that you acquire. Which of these are meant to be used for my outfit?

Game Review: TrVe Metal Quest


The game is short but it’s got great humor, great graphics and a plot with a twist. Highly recommended for those who are a fan of point and clicks and short games.

An added bonus: Play until the ending and see the twist – it can either make you cry or laugh out loud.

Game Review: TrVe Metal Quest

Game Statistics

Levels: ????

Difficulty: 3.5

Platform: Android

Developer: Sir Reli G ames

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


You are set to attend a heavy metal show but then you got criticized, what do you do? Enjoy this short point and click game and fulfill tasks just because he told you so.

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