Game Review: Viola's Quest - Marble Blast

Viola's Quest is an arcade marble shooter game where the marbles are moving every second and it needs to be popped before the cat eats one of the marbles. The goal of the game is to clear all marbles and achieve the goal for each level.

The story is simple. Meet Viola. Viola has a quest and it involves defeating Desmond.

The game starts off with tutorials for those who are not familiar with marble shooters. It also gives hints on how to use the power ups just in case it is really needed. As soon as all tutorials are done, be ready to do some serious game play.

The Gameplay

If you are familiar with marble shooter then you know the rules. Shoot the marbles of the same color to eliminate the marbles.

The speed of the marbles start off slow. Point your shooter to the marbles and just tap on the marbles you want to destroy. Along the game, you will notice there are arrows or square boxes that blinks on the marbles. Don't worry, it's not an application bug.

These icons, when destroyed, can help the marbles do a reverse or the marbles completely stops. These will help you destroy as much marbles as you can so that the whole path towards the cat are not full.

The game requires your quick thinking and your fast hands. The slower you are, the chances you might not make it.

If you cannot clear the level, one of your life will be deducted. Remember, you only have 5 lives.

It's a very simple game but the levels gets harder as you increase your level.


  • If there are only a few marbles left, notice the change on your shooters marbles. This way, you won't shoot the marbles in the wrong place.
  • Shoot as soon as you see arrow or stop icon.
  • Don't shoot at the nearest one. Shoot at the farthest. This way, the marbles at the front will not move.
  • Watch videos to earn more chances of destroying the marbles.
  • Be careful on where you shoot the marbles, sometimes the curves on the path can aim at the wrong place.

Game Review: Viola's Quest - Marble Shooter

The Power ups

There are some power ups offered in the game. The crystal which fills up after you destroy some marbles can be a lifesaver when you are in a pinch.

There's also the powers you can get by destroying the marbles like Slow Activation, Stop Activation or Reverse Activation. These powers can help get pretty handy when the marbles are slowly filled up.


  • As soon as you the activation's, aim for it first. It will be worth it.

Although we do think there are other power ups available but we haven't gotten there yet.

Game Review: Viola's Quest - Marble Shooter

The Levels

Each level has a mark whether it's an easy or hard level. So you would know what you are getting into. There's a goal in every level. Finish the goal and at best, earn 3 stars. These 3 stars earn you potions. These potions can be used to create your own Garden.

But as you go along the game, it gets harder to get that 3 stars that you badly want to earn.


  • You can restart the game over and over again if you badly want to earn the 3 stars. (We get it, don't worry)

Game Review: Viola's Quest - Marble Shooter

Basically, this game is fairly straight forward but never an easy one. This game is one challenging game and would need to have your fastest hands at play. Although we haven't gone to the farthest level yet but in time, we'll get there.

If you got a lot of spare time or just need a game to pass the time, this game is for you.

Game Statistics

Levels: ???

Difficulty: 4

Platform: iOS (coming soon) and Android

Developer: Two Desperados Ltd

  • Graphics
  • Game Play
  • Enjoyment


Destroy and Defeat Desmond. It's the only way to help Viola in her Quest.

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