Hacks: Things to do on Valentine's day when you're single

No date this Valentine’s Day? Feeling left out and all alone? Don’t be! Valentine’s Day is a day where most of us spend our time to those we give our love and devotion to. But then again, we aren’t really talking about a “person” are we?

So here’s a breakdown on what’s the best way to spend Valentine’s Day without ever feeling lonely.

1. Binge watch. Ever since that superhero movie came out, you have been gushing and fangirling over your favorite celebrity crush and could not wait for the next sequel. Well, this is the time to binge watch on those old movies that your crush was on or you could just watch over and over again on that movie where it all started.

2. Seat Sales. While some of your friends may enjoy their dinner out with their significant other, you can finally browse to your heart’s content as to which next destination you will have to embark your next journey on.

3. Go Shopping. Those cute tops that you have been eyeing on has finally met its master. Grab the chance to get the greatest deals especially that winter season is finally out and spring is coming.

Hacks: Things to do on Valentine's day when you're single

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4. Sleep. Sooner or later the 14th will finally pass and it will be the 15th and it’s going to be the eve of Chinese New Year. Time to read the Chinese Horoscopes and learn on what is the best way to ward off bad luck and turn this year into a profitable year.

5. Be with family. Remember Valentine’s is spending time with your loved ones and family is love. They never cease to fail you with all their weirdness or their lack of humor. They always got your back no matter what crazy stuff life throws at you.

Hacks: Things to do on Valentine's day when you're single

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Happy Valentine’s Day!