All Hallows’ Eve comes once every year and since I am not an avid fan of monsters, I simply cannot enjoy this holiday. And like most holidays, almost everyone is preparing for this. Stores are now decorating their windows with cobwebs and paper bats. Costumes are now being taken off from the deepest and darkest corner of the closet. Candies are now the most saleable item at the grocery store and the best of all, Movie theaters are mostly showing horror flicks.

So I now have a list on how to enjoy Halloween without spooking myself / yourself

  1. ORANGE. The color orange has been the color of pumpkins and once every year (yep you got it right  – Halloween), pumpkins will show up all over the place. So I suggest you surround yourself as early as October 1st with the color orange.
    orange jumpsuit

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  2. COBWEBS. When we see cobwebs, we associate it with dark, dirty and creepy attics – am I right? Although dark, dirty and creepy attics aren’t as popular as the mall but if you do find one, it’s time to get used to it.
    south park

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  3. EMOTICONS. Chatting is now part of our daily lives and emoticons are mostly used to communicate on what you want to convey. Putting halloween emoticons at the end of each conversation can help you get psyched up on the halloween spirit.
  4. CARTOONS. Cartoons are funny, colorful and entertaining. Movie cartoons such as Monster House or Hotel Transylvania are not so hard on the eye. Makes Halloween less scary.
  5. STAY AT HOME. Best advice of all. Not going out is the best way to avoid being spooked and the plus side, you get all your candies to yourself. #justsaying

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If these tips aren’t helping you, well, might as well enjoy the holiday. Besides, it only comes once every year.

Happy Halloween!