INTEL uses drones to light up the sky

Lady Gaga's halftime performance at the Super Bowl had made a big splash at the headlines. One could even say that the performance was spectacular. But one thing caught our eyes, who made that awesome USA Flag at the background? Is that sorcery? Could it be magic? Is that the latest firework technology that some-famous-tech-company-with-cooperation-with-some-fireworks-company had made?

Nope. Nada. Zilch. We guessed it wrong. These are drones.

INTEL uses drones to light up the sky

There were around 300 drones that were flown up to the sky when Lady Gaga was singing "God Bless America". Each drone had colors from the American flag which would then be assembled at the sky to create the beautiful flag - all from the use of light.

Truly a sight to behold - if you ask me!

INTEL uses drones to light up the sky

In an earlier video, Intel explains on how they have broke through the concept of "light show" in this century.

These Drones (called Intel Shooting Stars) are light weight and created with a propeller cage.

How did Intel start such a mind-blowing concept?

Well, as stated in the earlier video, they started last 2015 and first put up 100 drones in the sky. These first 100 was such a huge succes, they even earned a Guinness World Record for it.

Having achieved such great honor and record, the team - composed of Engineers, Designers, Coders, Pilots - pushed themselves to set another achievement. 500 drones.

INTEL uses drones to light up the sky

And of course, it was a huge success.

INTEL uses drones to light up the sky

No wonder, these Intel shooting stars were used to light up one of the best shows in 2017!

INTEL uses drones to light up the sky

See full video on Super Bowl show:

See full video on 500 Drone Light Show:



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