Kid Friendly Movies to Watch During Halloween

It’s that time of year when people dress up as spooky ghosts and monsters. Of course, it’s also fine to dress up as your favorite character in the movies.

People have different ways to celebrate Halloween like trick of treating and watching scary movies.

If you ever have kids in your home, they might want to go out and do some trick or treating.
Naturally, there will be times when trick or treating is impossible and you might want a backup plan.
We suggest that you watch some Halloween themed movies with your kids.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • The Halloween Tree

Kid Friendly Movies to Watch During Halloween

The Halloween Tree is probably one of our favorite Halloween movies to watch. The movie teaches people the origins of Halloween while showing us the importance of friendship>
The animated film isn’t scary and it’s definitely suited for kids. It’s definitely a timeless classic and kids today would definitely enjoy watching this movie.

  • Casper(1995)

Kid Friendly Movies to Watch During Halloween

Casper is a film about a friendly ghost who lives in an abandoned house with his three uncles. Later on, a ghost specialist and his daughter visit the house in order to communicate with the ghost.
The story then focuses on Casper and his relationship with the ghost expert and his daughter. The movie is quite enjoyable and funny which will make any kids love it.
After all, majority of the horror movies make ghosts look scary and evil. It’s a nice change if you always end up watching scary movies in order to celebrate Halloween.

  • Monster House

Kid Friendly Movies to Watch During Halloween

Monster House is about a group of kids who end up discovering an unusual house in their neighborhood.
The owner of the house is a cranky old man who doesn’t want anyone entering his property.
Of course, the kids somehow end up entering the house and they discover that the house is alive.
While this movie has some scary moments, it’s definitely suited for kids and they might end up enjoying it.

These are our Halloween movies for 2019 and we hope that you guys consider watching them.
We know these movies aren’t for everyone, but we find them quite enjoyable.
Have an enjoyable Halloween and stay safe when you go trick or treating!

Happy All Hallows’ Eve, everyone.

Featured Image Credit: Scary Pumpkin Vectors by Vecteezy