Video: League of Legends New Animated Trailer

League of Legends is a widely popular online game that just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Recently, the game just teased a new character for the game which isn't surprising since new characters keep popping out. However, we're also getting an animated trailer and it explains the origins of that character.

The new character is called Yone and he appears to be a swordsman that's travelling through the land of the dead.
As you guys can pretty much tell, there are spirits roaming around the world which isn't really something that you see while you're alive. Luckily, Yone is guided by an adorable spirit fox which is pretty nice if you're travelling through an unfamiliar place.

Yikes! That is probably one of the most scariest looking gate that we have ever seen.
Unfortunately, Yone notices it and even approaches the gate which isn't something that we would ever want to do.

If we were ever in Yone's shoes, we would just ignore the gate and continue following the cute little fox.
Hopefully, Yone doesn't run into any danger and we hope that he goes back to the fox as soon as possible.

Yone arrives in a dark and eerie place and he immediately sees the bad things about his past.
Later on, a monster appears out of nowhere and it immediately attacks Yone.
The two fight each other in a very stylish cutscene until Yone finally defeats his foe.

Of course, Yone's story doesn't end here and we really don't want to spoil the ending.
We suggest that you guys watch the full trailer for yourselves. As for the the Spring Blossom event, it comes out on July 22, 2020.

For the full video, you can click on the link below:



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