On Mario's and Nintendo's - Jimmy Fallon geeks out

In the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has invited Reggie Fils-Aime, President and CEO of Nintendo of America, to his show and talk about the products of Nintendo. In this episode, Reggie explains Super Mario Run - a new Super Mario game that will be available in iOS, Android and in iPad this coming December 15. He explains on the different modes of the game - World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder before asking Jimmy to try it out.

On Mario's and Nintendo's - Jimmy Fallon geeks out

Jimmy readies himself to play the game on the World Tour mode and Reggie gave an explaination on what he has to do to clear the level. He placed a bit of a teaser that if Jimmy does really good, he is going to guide him to a special place and get the invinsibility star. (You could really see that Jimmy is excited to start) And off Jimmy go!

On Mario's and Nintendo's - Jimmy Fallon geeks out

Jimmy struggles to get all the coins and the special coins as instructed. Eventually he was getting the hang of it and was doing pretty well which in turn led him to ask one particular guest (the creator of Mario, Dongkey Kong and Legenda of Zelda - Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto) in the audiece if he was watching. The level didn't took to long to finish but it sure was the most intense gameplay we have ever seen.

On Mario's and Nintendo's - Jimmy Fallon geeks out

Jimmy succeeded in getting the invinsibility star and even got a big thumbs up from Mr. Miyamoto himself! Now that's an ego boost!

But the show does not end there, Reggie has one more surprise for Jimmy and it was behind the Mystery Block. He slowly takes the box off and unveils the new Nintendo Switch! Boy, Jimmy was really geeking out over here.

But hold on, there's one more, Reggie explains that Jimmy will get the chance to play the new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Jimmy starts geeking out again.

Jimmy watched Reggie explore the map in the Legend of Zelda. He explained as to how the switch to Nintendo switch work. Watch the video below and see Jimmy debuting Nintendo Switch.

Shigeru Miyamoto

Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release on March 2017.



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