Pokemon Let's GO

When Pokemon first came out in 1996, it captured the hearts of an entire generation of kids. After the success of the first Pokemon game, it grew into an iconic franchise that would continue to charm the succeeding generation. Now, the original game is finally getting a makeover with a little twist. Let's take a look at Pokemon Let's Go shall we?

In Pokemon Let's Go for the Nintendo Switch, you can use a pokeball controller to play the actual game. What is a pokeball you ask? A pokeball is an item that is used to capture pokemon. It is pretty cool that you can actually use it as a controller.

Pokemon Let's Go is actually more similar to Pokemon Go than the other Pokemon games. The gameplay elements will have you flicking pokeballs to capture pokemon. Luckily, the game won't require you to walk around in the real world in order to look for pokemon. You will control a character in the game and move him around. As an added bonus, you can play the game with someone else and you can have battles with other people's pokemon.

If you play with someone else, they will be there to help fight your battles. Pokemon Let's Go sure is getting more and more exciting. Since it's on the Nintendo Switch, you can play the game with your friends on the TV or anywhere else as long as you bring your Switch with you.

If you're always on the move and you didn't bring your switch, you can always play the Pokemon Go app on your mobile phones. Pokemon Go has a nice feature that allows you to transfer your captured pokemon to the Pokemon Let's Go game. It's a nice added feature and it will probably motivate people to play Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Let's Go comes in two different versions which are called Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. The game comes out on November 16, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. You can see the full trailer below:



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