A Series of Unfortunate Events - Hello Count Olaf!

Who would have thought that A Series of Unfortunate Events Series will finally have a release date?

The book - written by Lemony Snickets - was made into a movie last 2004 and now made into a tv series finally has a trailer!

Last 2015, a teaser trailer was released and rumors were flying around that Netflix will do a series on A Series of Unfortunate events and that Neil Patrick Harris

was going to be the villainy Count Olaf. We only got a tease of Count Olaf's shadow and a small glimpse of the place where the Baudelaire orphans will reside.

That rumor has finally put to rest. Netflix just released a teaser trailer on the show and it's better than what we ever could expected! We get to see the Orphans meeting for the first time of their legal guardian and of course, our villainy Count Olaf in all his glory.

a series of unfortunate events count olaf

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In the story, we follow the lives of the Baudelaire orphans who are among the most unfortunate children. The Series of Unfortunate Events started when they were left orphaned because their parents died in a fire. After that, they were shipped off to meet their next of kin who they thought was someone who can take care of them. But they thought wrong. Insert Count Olaf (their oh-so-scary) relative who has a plan on stealing their inheritance. A game of cat and mouse is at play here and the children will try to get away from all the misfortunes. But soon they will discover a secret society with connection to Count Olaf and their parents. (GASP!)

a series of unfortunate events baudelaire orphans

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The series starts on January 13, 2017 and as an avid fan (fan girling scream) - we just cannot wait until this will air. For now, the teaser trailer will have to do.

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Hello Count Olaf!





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