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Snow and neon go together so well in SeattleReddit | NucleaRaccoonArushi20

Hiked about a mile in snow with my dog and fiancé, stood in 3 feet snow for more than an hour to witness the majestic Yosemite FirefallReddit | Arushi20

Just had this lady pose for me for about 20 minReddit | dontjoshme1979

A lonely tree and aurora borealis in Lapland, FinlandReddit | effectivepep

TrueReddit | annylenardo

These bears look like they're about to drop a mixtapeReddit | 1q8b

A perfect snow flake landed on my bagReddit | loplom

Sleeping Giant. Mt. Shasta CaReddit | mischievous_penguins

A well-guarded cottage in IcelandReddit | to_the_tenth_power

Fab girlReddit | adymma90

High Sierra Milky Way, Inyo National Forest, CaliforniaReddit | mmayernick

Cat seeking revengeReddit | p4rim

It felt like the world was on fire Sunset on Cannon Beach, OregonReddit | mattmacphersonphoto

Honey peach lavender butter cream cakeReddit | HappinessIsSweet

SakuraReddit | svanvalk

True storyReddit | yigpig

Bear at Lake Clarke, AlaskaReddit | erdeebee

The Aurora reflecting in a swirling tide pool. Senja, NorwayReddit | suckerswag

This boiled egg that exploded while cooking and looks like a snailReddit | monkeyman9608

The towns and mountains of Banff, AlbertaReddit | to_the_tenth_power