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Moose creating a waterfall off its antlersReddit | Ryanzler

Abstract, acrylic on canvasReddit | TimMartellArt

Chinstrap Penguin colonyReddit | mlcastle

Cochem Castle, GermanyReddit | commonvanilla

Greater FlamingosReddit | udithshah24

I didn’t believe my husband when he texted and said the cat was acting suspiciouslyReddit | raisedbygringos

Lake SturgeonReddit | Convince

Lake Tahoe, NevadaReddit | natesalkoff

Mother bear snuggling her cubReddit | NazmulHossainRan

My grandpa’s 80-90 year old drillReddit | wznickzw

Our contribution in Portland, Oregon. This trash would have eventually ended up in the Willamette RiverReddit | UAWMF

Painted StokeReddit | udithshah24

Pubg brakfastReddit | optivelamb

Reese’s Peanut Butter PieReddit | tugb0ats

Steven Spielberg relaxing between takes while shooting JawsReddit | piefordays

The basalt columns of IcelandReddit | to_the_tenth_power

The blossomed witch, the NetherlandsReddit | Robvisserphotography

The Ham Bend of the Gale River in the White Mountains of New HampshireReddit | aristomephisto

This magnificent 300 y o Cedar treeReddit | D33P53X

Went for a walk by my house and I think I found the path to NarniaReddit | onlylostphysics