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The Bagworm MothReddit | PlaschkeWillenholly

My father grilled up this 5lb King Salmon half this past weekendReddit | KronyZ71

Purple path, Posbank, the NetherlandsReddit | Robvisserphotography

Feeding Honeybee IXReddit | Dalantech

Popcorn popped on the cobReddit | Aubreylaw

Mantis NymphReddit | Jhenning04

Did the Rebellion ever attack KaminoReddit | MrPbaba

Aya is excited to be one of the newest members of the anti-poaching patrols in the Tsavo Conservation AreaReddit | PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS

Green iguanaReddit | zachzombies

Look Gary, everything the light touches is yoursReddit | vpdots

Hot springs in UtahReddit | ethan_kahn

Lake Louise, Alberta, CanadaReddit | Zordack

Fox and cubReddit | Master1718

Keanu Reeves doing a most excellent Make-A-WishReddit | hanky1979

My neighbor grabbed this shot yesterday afternoon of the storm passing through our areaReddit | Waynegravsky

Broken egg, Me, Oil paintReddit | SchmittyArt

Daddy Long Legs EyeReddit | Doodlebug510

Your day just got betterReddit | whoisrohit

this yawning catReddit | ThijThij11

Mount Robson, the highest point in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies. Looks like the perfect place for an adventure rightReddit | ethan_kahn