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Closeup of a Boomslang from South AfricaReddit | za_snake_guy

I couldn’t be happier after 27 years of waiting, I got my first pupReddit | letouxftw

This shadows from my Axis am Allies gameReddit | Bancaghedon

I made a penny floor that worked out cheaper than a real floorReddit | rk0r

Majestic view of Grindelwald, SwitzerlandReddit | SonOfAShepherd2000

The home I just boughtReddit | Westshreds

Wintertime in BosniaReddit | beero79

Mural I painted in Memphis TennesseeReddit | bigtomisin

Winter in SwitzerlandReddit | commonvanilla

Cheese stuffed garlic pull apart Christmas treeReddit | amaikko

Crab with black eyesReddit | Maymayfish

Cave in Cancún, Mexico Reddit | SurprisedRook

cakeReddit | mitchece

Antipasto SpreadReddit | BiteofAAPL

A colorful sunrise over Mt. HoodReddit | AK-Photo

This stingray migrationReddit | onepersononeidea

A mama black bear looking out for her cubReddit | dimitrios_vlachos_04

Dog stepping in puddleReddit | HraesvelgrXIII

This Traffic light treeReddit | IHadAUsernameCrisis

Hohenzollern Castle, GermanyReddit | commonvanilla