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plastic fried rice displayReddit | goofballl

Work was slow, I made a ChainsawReddit | IAMBATES

some plant species have evolved to re-sprout quickly after the Australian firesReddit | TheSingleNotice

Lately I've been dreaming of giants. Northern NorwayReddit | f0ssegrim

My son loves old school stuff and Star WarsReddit | buckeyespud

When your german steals your first danceReddit | preissjx3

This Wario Cosplay is Horrifyingly CoolReddit | standtallnofall

Black PantherReddit | grettaaa

Rivers of molten lava pouring into the seaReddit | loluser2296

I ate butter chicken curry with cheese naanReddit | ThreeEyedRaven_3

This little house in the forestReddit | seanssy

Natural double exposure, me, photograph, 2018Reddit | brandjohns

Long exposure photograph I captured of the recent SpaceX Starlink launch and its reflection along the shoreline of the Atlantic OceanReddit | johnkphotos

Yesterday, I took a walk in the woods after work. Best decision of the day. Upper AustriaReddit | luleigas

Moraine Lake - Banff National Park, CanadaReddit | C_360

I’ve never been this close to a bald eagle. Now I get itReddit | TGSquared

Keyhole on a side door of the Bourdeux cathedral, FranceReddit | Rich-Infamous

Basalt canyons of IcelandReddit | commonvanilla

My 11y old girl on the hiking trailReddit | k9drp

Thousands of kilos of sweet potato and carrots have been dropped from the air to help feed animals impacted by bushfire in NSW, AustraliaReddit | lessons_learnt