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E. Coli that my co-worker grew in a petri dish Reddit | NeverEndingXsin

Managed to take a picture of my 1 year old looking more badass on his trike than I ever haveReddit | michaljerzy

Always Lands on its Feet, Paper, Basic Cat Model by Makoto Yamaguchi, Folded, posed, display designed by Me, 2020Reddit | mikeemes

Screech OwlReddit | Crazy_Dimension

Kates Needle, British Columbia Reddit |  t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6

Eastern Sierras, CaliforniaReddit | fayuca

Responsible Kitten Transportation Reddit |  ImACumWhore

Spangled CotingaReddit | HellsJuggernaut

I thought you guys would like to see my new ski helmet that I madeReddit | smashedpunker

This dog in TJ-Maxx Reddit |   vivavan

Sunrise at Kirkjufell, IcelandReddit | SimenGjelsvik

My 5th attempt at an oil painting, I struggled a lot with it but I like how it came outReddit | sktchup

She turned 1 today so I took her on an adventure Reddit |   captainthursday

I shot this on New Years Eve up in the Canterbury High Country, New ZealandReddit | paul_wilson_images

Gentoo Penguin sheltering its chick, Antarctic PeninsulaReddit | HahUCLA

This Tree with a Face Reddit |  archetyp0

Local library made this snowman out of booksReddit | unique_mermaid

Cold Metal Cast Mandalorian HelmetReddit | BurakSsl

Tip of the Dingle peninsula, Ireland Reddit | Ztech282

Indoor arcade shot of my friendReddit | Takoyaki67