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Eagle Owl swaggerReddit | stalwart_rabbit

His name is rickReddit | RealFailmaster21000

Red pandas looking shocked to see each other Reddit | L33Tech

Swing chairs inside of a cafe in Singapore International AirportReddit | XtinaAnn

Seljalandsfoss, IcelandReddit | holy-shot

An actual photo of my houseReddit | KamelToeDisco

This bonsai tree naturally growing in the middle of a lakeReddit | t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6

The Fountain, Adrian Borda, oil painting, 2019Reddit | jg379

a sunflower gardenReddit | D0NW0N

bearded reedling round birbReddit | arossthebosssmith

A beautiful catReddit | bobbydnice 

I ate a footlong, 1 lb. chili cheese dogReddit | EVildoer

Daisy is all fresh and cleanReddit | krhodes98

Pixelated Great Wave off Kanagawa, Me, acrylic on wooden cubes, 2019Reddit | Screw7oose

Claude Monet, French Impressionist painter, ca. 1923Reddit | act1989

German Alpen near Austrian borderReddit | steven_sandner

Iguana in a Target parking lotReddit | Galli42 

This luggage store has an airplane set up for customers to test their carry ons and underseaterReddit | nosmokingz0ne

Untouched snowReddit | HellsJuggernaut

Upper Lena Lake reflections, Washington State, USAReddit | ethanlington