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This friggin huge strawberry I found todayReddit | m0untaingoat

Cheapest but still best costume everReddit | I3alr0g

The surgeon gave back to me the plate and screws he removed from my clavicleReddit | treesoap1

Seventy Islands in Palau from the airReddit | irkedpenguin

Inception style shot by stitching up some photos shot from a droneReddit | Jelegend

The Dark Forest in Northern IrelandReddit | Randall_Flaggg

Flying over the Alps, ItalyReddit | BonnyITA

The Black Forest, GermanyReddit | Dodecahedron7

Otto, a giant Octopus plushie made by my momReddit | lazycarrotcake

thick crust pepperoni pizzaReddit | leelouislinden

Spilled a drink and it reflected perfectlyReddit | adambombz

Tuesday morning Mars was temporarily hidden by the moonReddit | ajamesmccarthy

Old School Kenner Darth Vader cosplayReddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Since i got interested in photography, i always dreamt of shooting the Milky WayReddit | johndenry02

this red and black catReddit | redditmanalltheway

He's finally homeReddit | RivetingTurtle

Rhino chargingReddit | HellsJuggernaut

This UFC kick to the faceReddit | Thebaseside

Chasing storms in Milford SoundReddit | commonvanilla

Yosemite Falls framed by the woodsReddit | jkbpttrsn