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Explored some Ice Caves last summer, Eastern Sierras, C.AReddit | Jakob_LR

Alberta, Canada Reddit | commonvanilla

I took this picture with flash & the spider looks radioactiveReddit | Debaleba

My lamp looks like a well-endowed Easter Island statue wearing a huge hatReddit | GlueR

Blue JayReddit | redditsdaddio

Shout out to everyone who's still working with hands like me from all the washing and glove changingReddit | On-Fire

Good night great natureReddit | AshramZargrad

I'm a medical assistant. Made a cloth mask for my N95 that matches my handmade scrubs!Reddit | coveredinstars

Maxing out the CC with dog treatsReddit | SaturnBarzz

Stavanger, NorwayReddit | TheDosaMan

Siberian catReddit | pupsikandr

Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, ChileReddit | t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6

Panther Chameleon and Orchid MantisReddit | SaltyWitch1393

This prayer mantis lands on my coffee tableReddit | michelgoulche

Bao Buns with Fried Chicken and Sriracha MayoReddit | wutangjesus

Crocodile In The MudReddit | mtlgrems

These are all of the telescopes I've use to create and post pictures on Reddit withReddit | chucksastro

Finally after a few days of it sitting, I got around to finishing my Hackintosh build.. the ultimate stealthReddit | JustTrustM8

Big Sur LiliesReddit | MistaKimsta

Peaceful day in SwitzerlandReddit | commonvanilla