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Melting wood effect I'm working onReddit | papertomm

A temple in KyotoReddit | DrFetusRN

Stone found on a beachReddit | 9999monkeys

Crawling out of my tent at 4am was worth it for sunrise at Bryce Canyon NP, UTReddit | jakub-photo

Majestic male LionReddit | Theon_Graystark

Skeleton bike that I photographedReddit | NutellaOreoReeses

Russian Red FoxReddit | HellsJuggernaut

She does love getting carried up the stairsReddit | tori4626

Spiders talk to meReddit | wiccadwitch26

FrecklesReddit | Theon_Graystark

I started my business 2 weeks before the pandemic.Reddit | jmchopp

Germany, 1989. I was fortunate enough to be part of history, and help tear down the Berlin WallReddit | SmokeAbeer

fried chicken Mac & cheeseReddit | lithium138

Snapped the picture mid-meowReddit | Aeba38

Balloon Dog, Goldweard, Digital sculpture, 2020Reddit | FuturePunk

My local movie theater. Vancouver, WAReddit | pantyfarts

Uinta Mountains, UtahReddit | chompalomps

Japanese Dwarf Flying SquirrelReddit | HellsJuggernaut

A newly opened tub of butterReddit | Real_Clever_Username

The winning sand sculpture of the Texas Sand Sculpture FestivalReddit | thehalvo