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Tree of butterfliesReddit | Lustman69

Found this box of matches at my dad's house and loved the artworkReddit | h0usecat

J is for jalapeñoReddit | Kugaku

Absolutely love this photo of me (left) and my Legion friend (right) from earlier this year troopingReddit | odstane

Bananas for scaleReddit | Assaossin

Adult male Spiny Flower MantisReddit | joeepeterson03

Tried to get a snapshot of lightning but caught a hummingbirdReddit | beeebax

This house has a cat white picket fenceReddit | Ashtronica2

This brass plated fire hydrant outside a fancy hotelReddit | bunny4e

We decided to just elopeReddit | Kcann13

There's a tree growing from my lemonReddit | meneerth

Aislarse, Tomas Sanchez, acrylic on linenReddit | beneathsands

An all original ‘34 FordReddit | Elkdragon418

Queen knighting man who raised £32M for charityReddit | cam764

The facadeReddit | Danny_Ingrassia_Art

Albino MooseReddit | HellsJuggernaut

And the frame is not neededReddit | BeardedGlass

Nordaustlandet, Svalbard, NorwayReddit | hc11bmd

A brute of a bengal tiger from Kaziranga national park, IndiaReddit | dimitrios_vlachos_04

Lake Louise, AlbertaReddit | grettaaa