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Expecting our first child in September. My mother crocheted an octopus for her, suckers and allReddit | cooked_khaleesi

This sign is translated for dogsReddit | Gettafa

this flaming girl sculptureReddit | super_monero

This banana painted on the floor of a grocery storeReddit | droo46

Mammalian LocomotorReddit | MrTomBuck

breaching Great White sharkReddit | Jacqu3SkardasheV

Hedgehog with plushieReddit | BreakingCampeon

Saturn V display I madeReddit | Frejdh

Boop the snootReddit | vladgrinch

Socotra in YemenReddit | verysuspiciousduck

Beehive, Honey and SunlightReddit | zaynthelegend

carbonaraReddit | thesoftopening

Some ruins along the Cornish coast. Cornwall, UKReddit | Jordyybarnes12

My dad and his Maine Coon, BubaReddit | CoolestBurrito

From a spectacular summer evening in the North Cascades, WashingtonReddit | Nateloobz

This plaque at the dog park commemorating a park recordReddit | TheDangerStranger

breakfastReddit | mitchlats22

So my neighbor just walked over and gave me thisReddit | juniorlax16

Cougar on a branchReddit | HellsJuggernaut

Indonesia felt like living in a 4K version of a new Zelda gameReddit | wonteatyourcat