Spiffy Board

Spiffy Board is a collection of Fascinating. Epic. Incredible. Pictures around the internet or from our photographers that will surely garner a “WHOA” from within. #spiffyboard

This tiny ufo that crash landed on the wall of a technology museum
Reddit |1redditname

Caracal kittens
Reddit |Ryunysus

This tree in my neighbourhood that has 1 branch of an apple tree and the rest is a normal tree
Reddit |Olyverr1014 

Current air quality in Portland vs. 2 weeks ago
Reddit |Beaujangleson

This solar powered vehicle
Reddit |rad_baron

One of the many beautiful Falls throughout the state Ohio
Reddit |endearingjourney

Grandma programmer in her basement with her Atari 800
Reddit |frosty1965

I thought this was a dried bramble at first but on closer inspection it appears to be a tenticle with teeth
Reddit |Battenburgmice

When the trees don't render
Reddit |NineteenEighty9

Valley of the earth pyramids where one can see how nature works her wonders
Reddit |felizuko

Snack Board
Reddit |LionelHutz2018

I found a rock that loos like a piece of pie
Reddit |Musopia123

I photographed Comet Neowise setting in one of the most iconic sights in Upstate NY
Reddit |DanielJStein

Tongue out and head tilt
Reddit |daltond2

Sunset by the beach
Reddit |knothingness

See, I told you Jumping spiders aren’t creepy
Reddit |Jackie7610

This happy man with Burger
Reddit |clam_dick_fettuccine

Woke up this morn to find a loose head hair had knotted itself to my arm hai
Reddit |aremel04

Stout Grove, Redwood National Park
Reddit |HellsJuggernaut

Violet Backed Starling
Reddit |regian24



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