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Reddit | SimenGjelsvik

Mouldy lemon looks like an old Sprite logo
Reddit | 07-3TC

The padding inside my bra shaped like hands, in ready cupping position
Reddit | ebony_eyes

grilled lobster fettuccine alfredo
Reddit | ManNamedJane

Jungle babbler is a noisy bird
Reddit | wildindiain

Sometimes working night shifts has rewards
Reddit | seagull_smuggler19

This versatile lawn chair cup holder thing AKA Swiss Army Cupholder
Reddit | MF_Bfg

First light, first snow June Lake, California
Reddit | mmayernick

I Ate Cannoli’s
Reddit | zoot_Suit-Guy

Tazi Canyon in Turkey
Reddit | mcognv

NASA's modified Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
Reddit | Aeromarine_eng

Mt. Hood, Lake Trillium, Oregon
Reddit | CallMeAntwan

First dusting of snow in the mountains Snoqualmie, WA
Reddit | MafHoney

Turtle has a Ray for a shadow.
Reddit | MTPokitz

Antelope Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Reddit | HellsJuggernaut

My dad’s new fire pit is a 60 inch excavating bucket
Reddit | Mazzack

Driving through aspens of the Sierras in California
Reddit | commonvanilla

Green Vine Snake
Reddit | sreenath95

Today is my handsome boy’s first snow day
Reddit | asthmaticshroom

A free diver sinking deeper surrounded by rocky walls
Reddit | sharksquidz