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Staircase in a Portuguese bookshop
Reddit | liukkut

Good morning sunshine from Japan
Reddit | Meawmeaw999

Insane shot of Bald Eagle
Reddit | thenewyorkgod

Jacobin hummingbird hovers in front of the rising Sun
Reddit | TechnicaLjudge

This piece of driftwood that looks like a goose
Reddit | JohnnyCashMoneyGreen

This harpy eagle
Reddit | ThaanksIHateIt

the shadow of this fire hydrant looks like a soldier holding a rifle
Reddit | HeyItsMeHammy

The Goonies 1985
Reddit | earthdogbb

Amazing Diablo cosplay
Reddit | one_loop

Ramen noodle soup
Reddit | nibbio92

My Reese's peanut butter cup contained no peanut butter
Reddit | Celorien

it is an uphill struggle every day
Reddit | Netherquark

Detroit style pizza
Reddit | fuckoffilikemyfit

Another Way Out
Reddit | jstnptrs

A very frosty Bridal Veil falls on Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Reddit | Fuzzy-Guarantee

Lochaber, Scotland
Reddit | frankdavie1

A cat holding a balloon
Reddit | Armyfarmer

Tolkienesque entrance of the 11th century St Edward's Church flanked by yew trees
Reddit | ManiaforBeatles

Shizuoka, Japan
Reddit | Kris19275

Bighorn Sheep of Banff
Reddit | LAG360