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Philippine Eagle
Reddit | HellsJuggernaut

My baby and her her first toy
Reddit | Puppyfacelove

Somewhere in the woods
Reddit | Christophe_Tritz

Cobbled steps in Eze, France
Reddit | HellsJuggernaut

National Park, Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Reddit | ManiaforBeatles

Bucatini al’amatriciana
Reddit | SoonerMagic10

Ahsoka Cosplay, Snow Coat Version
Reddit | nonbinate

My girlfriend wrapped her Christmas presents in fast food bags
Reddit | IsidraLeleux

Bull elks symmetrically crossing their antlers in a fight
Reddit | unloadedquake

This sticker on my moms car
Reddit | dmMeCatPictures

Geldingarnesgos, Iceland
Reddit | drpoopymcbutthole

A Pink Robin
Reddit | zezoro

A reminder for parents to not be assholes
Reddit | A_C_Citizenz

Mama bear and her three little cubs
Reddit | crinnoire

Arrowhead found today
Reddit | Theroadismydharma

Delightful winter morning in Larvik, Norway
Reddit | TechnicaLjudge

Maine style lobster roll
Reddit | notanotherchinadoll

Male Cheetahs, Acinonyx Jubatus, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya
Reddit | Educational_Focus332

Sea Foam
Reddit | marketermatty

Irish harp from 1820
Reddit | modianos