Spiffy Board is a collection of Fascinating. Epic. Incredible. Pictures around the internet or from our photographers that will surely garner a “WHOA” from within. #spiffyboard

The way this snake wrapped itself around my friend’s hair
Reddit | thedankvader69

Misty rain in the Butchart Gardens
Reddit | ManiaforBeatles

The White-Lipped Python
Reddit | ManGo_50Y

The tiles around our apartment complex is made up like the enemies in Space Invaders
Reddit | HandsomeCO2

Hydrocephalus fetal skulls
Reddit | stablyRaddle

Fireflies in Japanese Forest
Reddit | MistWeaver80

Venice in the fog
Reddit | HellsJuggernaut

The reflection of the underside of a lamp in my glasses
Reddit | onesummerdream

The shadow my shaker ball makes
Reddit | Monosigaovata

The Beastie Boys
Reddit | jeffmartin48

My colleague left and I got his desk
Reddit | IcyZucchini7308

My cousin seems to have taken a roo instead of a shepherd
Reddit | mikupoiss

This family sized bag of M & M’s that are like 75% blue
Reddit | General-Explanation

Homestyle mcmuffin
Reddit | MaxRamsey

This random swing in the middle of a field
Reddit | Aukrust

My minimalistic setup
Reddit | Criiispyyyy

Australian Antarctic Beech tree within an ancient rainforest
Reddit | w1ldtree

Mother tiger licking her cub
Reddit | HellsJuggernaut

Northern Norway
Reddit | karmagheden

Siberian flying squirrels
Reddit | ElectronDegeneracy