Spiffy Board

Spiffy Board is a collection of Fascinating. Epic. Incredible. Pictures around the internet or from our photographers that will surely garner a "WHOA" from within. #spiffyboard

Woke up at 5AM to catch the tulips with morning mist, the Netherlands - cryptodesign - https-::bit.ly:2qLMW5F Reddit | cryptodesign

[Homemade] Galaxy Mirror Glazed White Chocolate Eclairs - Ketoroman - https-::bit.ly:2Hn7qYH Reddit | Ketoroman

A Statue in Berlin of “Politicians Discussing Global Warming” - Noerdy - https-::bit.ly:2qRwYHc Reddit | Noerdy

A Zippo lighter from the Vietnam war, 1972 - taruncampion - https-::bit.ly:2FajI4y Reddit | taruncampion

Aerial view of TESS' booster on OCISLY - stevenmadow - https-::bit.ly:2K6CD3W Reddit | stevenmadow

All she needs is a cape. - twodaysofsnow - https-::bit.ly:2F7Y7di Reddit | twodaysofsnow

Carved Skull, Mikhail Bozhok, Bone Sculpture, 2016 - JoeinJapan - https-::bit.ly:2F8UC6m Reddit | JoeinJapan


Catching Snowflakes, Stefan Koidl, digital, 2018 - KapitanKurt - https-::bit.ly:2HjK3Dj Reddit | KapitanKurt

Colors and Layered Rock. Lower Antelope Canyon. Page, AZ. [OC][2186x3264] instagram - grantplace - https-::bit.ly:2JgzgGr Reddit | grantplace

Cream garlic soup served in bread - Flexwell - https-::bit.ly:2Hjy2he Reddit | Flexwell

Fresh buns - sugarbooger1234 - https-::bit.ly:2JgVQPf Reddit | sugarbooger1234

I throw my used staples in a cup. This is a couple years worth of used staples. - cacti750 - https-::bit.ly:2qWBQLl Reddit | cacti750

Lemon cupcakes with blackberry cream cheese frosting - anutaaa - https-::bit.ly:2HQo189 Reddit | anutaaa

Like father like son - usagitoneko - https-::bit.ly:2qQCytn Reddit | aaaaaa_bbbb

Maine coon - Fomicheva1979 - https-::bit.ly:2JgyhpJ Reddit | Fomicheva1979

My buddys wedding cake topper - ZootSloth - https-::bit.ly:2Hjte7p Reddit | ZootSloth

Sailor moon - VlClOUSLY - https-::bit.ly:2JiLq1P Reddit | VlClOUSLY

Small Things, Pascal Campion, Digital, 2018 - OwnTheKnight - https-::bit.ly:2JWLmFN Reddit | OwnTheKnight

The ball of a ballpoint pen. Up close - poseitom - https-::bit.ly:2HT3zn3 Reddit | poseitom

The carpet at this airport looks like an aerial view of the ground from the window of an airplane - idealdreams - https-::bit.ly:2FajYk2 Reddit | idealdreams

The Chairman, digital - plastic_femur - https-::bit.ly:2qV0aw3 Reddit | plastic_femur

There is nothing like a good hike. Le Moléson, Switzerland - hansiphoto - https-::bit.ly:2vxdL2a Reddit | hansiphoto

This crested guineafowl - kobray - https-::bit.ly:2Hl8qRc Reddit | kobray

This sign at the zoo - rabledetenbartentedo - https-::bit.ly:2Hl7CMa Reddit | rabledetenbartentedo

This statue looks like it continues on forever - cassiekay17 - https-::bit.ly:2HjIXHH Reddit | cassiekay17



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