Spiffy Board

Spiffy Board is a collection of Fascinating. Epic. Incredible. Pictures around the internet or from our photographers that will surely garner a "WHOA" from within. #spiffyboard

Deer in the Woods - spicedpumpkins - bit.ly2IhTdwBReddit | spicedpumpkins

Shoshone Falls, Idaho, USA - bit.ly2IhnJXyReddit | MRS2007

East and West, acrylic - jer_088 - bit.ly2rMd6WzReddit | jer_088

Trojan Horse made entirely of computer parts - FibrousMetal - MRS2007 - bit.ly2IHs8GGReddit | FibrousMeta

Only one clear day in two weeks of rain - EkantTakePhotos - bit.ly2wFdevTReddit | EkantTakePhotos

Beach art - molotov_cock - bit.ly2KZJrB1Reddit | molotov_cock

Castle Geyser, Yellowstone - dhroberts - bit.ly2KZVYV7Reddit | dhroberts

Pac-Man graffiti - oyalh1 - bit.ly2L12kUnReddit | oyalh1 

In Russia they keep this statue in honor of all the rats that have died for scientific research - XxDIEGODxX - bit.ly2IDsBK0Reddit | XxDIEGODxX

Bag looks like a cartoon - sweetly16 - bit.ly2IlmRkKReddit | sweetly16

First Poster for Action-Western 'Big Kill' - Starring Danny Trejo, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Jason Patric - BunyipPouch - bit.ly2rHCah6Reddit | BunyipPouch

Misty Sunrise in Sacramento, California - IAmRadicchio - bit.ly2IF0hXCReddit | IAmRadicchio

Gumbo with Shrimp - Yamamba78 - bit.ly2rGgqlMReddit | Yamamba78

I drew the cast of Dark Souls in anticipation for the remaster - nolan192 - bit.ly2IeuRYCReddit | nolan192

I was finally able to stop slowly enough at a light to catch my helpful co-pilot sleeping on the job - NotJustClarkKent - bit.ly2KpB1BFReddit | NotJustClarkKent

Found a GoPro that's been in the ocean for roughly 2 months, it still works - Leazulzorro - bit.ly2wExkGuReddit | Leazulzorro

Lemon Meringue Pie - ScottishElan - bit.ly2wHwWa4Reddit | ScottishElan

Eye see you - TheSteelSword - bit.ly2Ie8YZnReddit | TheSteelSword

chocolate cupcakes with macarones, Italian buttercream, meringue kisses and roses - Nicoledhearted - bit.ly2KoZJT1Reddit | Nicoledhearted

Cyberpunk street, Voxel Art - momirsarac - bit.ly2rHzorwReddit | momirsarac




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