Spiffy Board

Spiffy Board is a collection of Fascinating. Epic. Incredible. Pictures around the internet or from our photographers that will surely garner a "WHOA" from within. #spiffyboard

Can't stop laughing at these dogs underwater - IndyPoker979 - bit.ly2y0WVddReddit | IndyPoker979

Just a kangaroo chilling on a beach in Australia - danherb4 - bit.ly2LJmnpUReddit | danherb4

Fourth night in a row, finally got my moonbow! Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, California - wescoastphoto - bit.ly2t0nVE9Reddit | wescoastphoto

Hotspot Visualization of Unoriginal County Names in the United States of America - stmodestus - bit.ly2y12DMmReddit | stmodestus

A deer crosses the road during a Glacier Point sunset. Yosemite National Park, California - walkingaswind - bit.ly2Mh2QhtReddit | walkingaswind

Cobra Chicken - iesvy - bit.ly2LIxor9Reddit | iesvy

The Demon of the Dew - catcaste - bit.ly2HDA07eReddit | catcaste

Extremely rare Australian Lattice Sunstone - stats-i - bit.ly2HEcmb4Reddit | stats-i

Someone in gardening described my neighbour’s yard as so cozy it hurts so I figured you’d like it - princesssquid - bit.ly2LFEfBHReddit | princesssquid

Lava of The Kelawia volcano, the moon, a falling meteorite and the Milky Way are all in one image taken by the photographer - SonySh99 - bit.ly2l1HF6xReddit | SonySh99

A clear lake in the John Muir Wilderness,California,USA - Cleemon - bit.ly2JNetOLReddit | Cleemon

Just few minutes more - dhruveishp - bit.ly2y2KYE6Reddit | dhruveishp

100 Giant Skulls, Ron Mueck, sculpture, 2014 - Endless_Vanity - bit.ly2MjfsovReddit | Endless_Vanity

The Milkyway from a peaceful cave in Sedona - Nebullama - bit.ly2sNUDt8Reddit | Nebullama

My parents dropped of some boxes of my old stuff and these bad boys were inside! These Action Fleet toys were always my favorites - kramerica_intern - bit.ly2HIb7rqReddit | kramerica_intern

So I ordered a lettuce burger thinking it would come on two PIECES of lettuce - tcsey - bit.ly2y2caCHReddit | tcsey






Unicorns aren't the only things that poop rainbows - danorm - bit.ly2LHSYw5Reddit | danorm

The view on Easter Island - JakeTheDog14 - bit.ly2sYrfPVReddit | JakeTheDog14

Don't Think About What Can Happen - alfaguara27 - bit.ly2sWV0RpReddit | alfaguara27

My son is staying at my parents for a few days - Shoestring30 - bit.ly2MgOopLReddit | Shoestring30




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