Spiffy Board

Spiffy Board is a collection of Fascinating. Epic. Incredible. Pictures around the internet or from our photographers that will surely garner a “WHOA” from within. #spiffyboard

Bookshelf stairs - Palifaith - bit.ly2Lg9Dv9Reddit | Palifaith

So this car accident happened today in Amman, Jordan. My brain hurts from trying to understand how it happened. - coraige7 - bit.ly2uIQ9VmReddit | coraige7

First time shooting a launch! I love how this turned out! - dg240 - bit.ly2LGRtP6Reddit | dg240

Museum of National history, Wroclaw, Poland - billionnet - bit.ly2mB4FdxReddit | billionnet

Old boy - skumt- - bit.ly2mDYCoBReddit | skumt-

If Snoop Dogg was an acorn - MisterRingMonkey - bit.ly2uYpkw1Reddit | MisterRingMonkey

I’m poisonous, but cute - mvxn - bit.ly2Lu5UJAReddit | mvxn

NY aerial shot! - mtimetraveller - bit.ly2NDfas5Reddit | mtimetraveller

Family photo - JiJiMilk - bit.ly2mDYWnjReddit | JiJiMilk

This mountain creek Rißbach is in fact also the border between Germany and Austria. - outdoorstark - bit.ly2LEzGImReddit | outdoorstark

This lock allows 6 different people to access this location - wamceachern - bit.ly2LJhFJ8Reddit | wamceachern

I took one tracked and one untracked exposure of the Milky Way and combined them to bring out an extreme amount of detail - DanielJStein - bit.ly2NzMikHReddit | DanielJStein

Pink and purple wedding cupcakes - traanne21 - bit.ly2uLgEtjReddit | traanne21

I don't see Pennsylvania on here often so I thought I'd share - Hitlers_Uncle - bit.ly2Lw4yxSReddit | Hitlers_Uncle

Chicken quesadillas with guacamole - Jujugg - bit.ly2NDXcGdReddit | Jujugg

A Russian mole rat - the_icon32 - bit.ly2LI7Z1rReddit | the_icon32

Near the Austrian Italian border in the Dolomites - csivilo1 - bit.ly2A9Th22Reddit | csivilo1

Baatara Gorge Waterfall Lebanon - spicedpumpkins - bit.ly2Lydva6Reddit | spicedpumpkins

Comic Con poster for Godzilla King of the Monsters - LoneQuacker - bit.ly2LjjuA2Reddit | LoneQuacker

First Image of the Andromeda Galaxy - Chris9712 - bit.ly2NDdOO3Reddit | Chris9712




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