It's time to appreciate the Mom's in our lives

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It’s May and every year, we get to Mother’s Day. It’s the day where we celebrate the only woman who’s always been our cheerleader, our mentor, our enemy, and a whole lot of “ours” in our life. We all are guilty of this at some point, we take her for granted of all the sacrifices that she has done for the family.

So on Mother’s day, let’s take the time to reflect and to celebrate on what makes her happy. May it be a lunch or dinner out or a small shopping spree even if you want to buy that new game that’s coming out this June.

So we’ve compiled a list of videos that will help refresh our memories on how Mom’s are really the best at everything.

1. Mother’s Day

A movie about Mother’s and absolutely some of the best comedic casts we have ever seen.

2. #momcalling 

With the demands of our job and other things going on, we tend to take thing for granted especially a call from our mom.

3. Just a mom

Whoever thought being a mom was easy breezy and has an easy life, you’re wrong. Mom’s are never Mom’s. They are superstars.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s in the world!