Trailer: A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place was first released in 2018 and many horror fans loved the movie.
It's definitely not surprising that a sequel would pop out soon.
Oh boy, does the sequel explain a lot of things and it definitely adds more to the story.
In any case, you can still expect the same eerie and tense vibe that you've seen in the first movie.

The trailer shows us the beginning of the entire story. The day that the monsters invaded the earth and destroyed the human race.
Of course, it was never explained in the first film as to how the monsters arrived on earth.
It's great that the sequel explains to us the beginning of the story through the use of flashbacks.
Since it is a sequel, the story will pick up after the events of the first film.

We can expect the remaining characters of the first film to continue their journey and do their best to survive.
It's definitely going to be a long walk since they have to remain as quiet as possible.
Hopefully, we get to see more of the world in this movie and even more characters.

While the monsters do react to sound, it seems like the monsters aren't the only problems that the survivors have to face.
It seems like this group of survivors will have to fight against other remaining survivors.
It's definitely going to be survival of the fittest and it's probably not smart to trust on strangers too much.
The Quiet Place Part II will be showing in cinemas on March 2020.

For the full trailer, click on the link below:



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