Trailer: Bad Boys For Life

The original Bad Boys film first came out on 1995 and it was an enjoyable movie.

The second film then came out on 2003 and it got even better.

Now, Bad Boys For Life is coming out next year which will 17 years since Bad Boys 2.

We don't know if the movie is going to be great, but the trailer does look awesome.

We get to see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence take on their Bad Boys character once again.

It is clear that Marcus Brunett(Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey(Will Smith) have aged considerably.

After all, it's been many years since the last movie and the actors aren't getting any younger.

It makes sense for the movie to show that our two heroes are no longer in their youthful prime.

Although our two heroes have aged considerably, it doesn't stop them from taking on police missions.

After all, the two of them are still part of the police force and they still have to catch the bad guys.

Unfortunately for Marcus Brunett, he doesn't seem to be in good shape.

We definitely don't want him to go on a dangerous mission by himself.

Luckily, Mike Lowrey is there to watch his back and the pair make a terrific team together.

Of course, the movie isn't totally serious since it has some comedic and fun moments.

As you guys can see, the younger recruits have heard of the bad boys and they are all singing their song.

Mike Lowrey and Marcus Brunett are both present there, but they are completely embarrassed about the whole thing.

In fact, the two doesn't even want to remember that the song ever existed in the first place.

Bad Boys For Life comes out on theaters on January 17, 2020.

You can check the trailer below:



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