Trailer: Batman Hush

Batman, the legendary Dark Knight, is back in a whole new animated film and we're incredibly excited for it.

We've seen many Hollywood films of Batman and they are all incredibly made.

However, we always have a soft spot for the animated version of Batman since we all grew up watching the animated series.

Of course, the new Batman animated film will feature a modern art style and different voice actors.

If you grew up watching the 90's animated series, then you will always prefer to hear the soothing voice of Kevin Conroy as Batman.

It's not a big deal though since DC animated movies are really good and fun to watch.

The trailer starts with Batman chasing after a very familiar character in the series.

If you haven't recognized her yet, it is Selina Kyle or Catwoman that is being chased by Batman.

Of course, we're not sure what crime Catwoman has committed in the trailer but she must be up to no good.

It is good to see an old character return in a new animated movie since Batman and Catwoman have some history together.

After all, Batman and Catwoman have some romantic interests that will surely grab the interest of many fans.

Naturally, Batman's greatest enemy will always be the Joker and we will see more of him in the animated movie.

Uh Oh! Batman doesn't only have to worry about his old enemies but also his allies.

Yikes! Superman is incredibly strong and we're not sure how Poison Ivy is able to convince Superman to help her.

We just hope that Batman has brought enough Kryptonite to handle Superman or he might be in for a rough time.

Of course, Batman could just take out Poison Ivy and be done with everything but Superman doesn't seem to like that idea.

We just hope that Superman doesn't end up being Batman's enemy permanently since this is just getting old.

We finally get to see Batman's newest enemy and he seems dedicated enough to kill him.

As mentioned in the trailer, we have no idea as to the identity of this new villain and he seems very menacing.

Of course, the trailer did tease us a bit by showing us an unmasking scene of the villain which piques our interest  a bit.

However, we do think that this villain seems similar to Deathstroke who is another DC universe villain.

Deathstroke is a masked mercenary and assassin who has some history with Robin but it is unlikely for the new villain to be Deathstroke.

The villain does seem to be wearing bandages as a mask while Deathstroke is wearing a set of full body armor.

We haven't read the Batman: Hush comics, so it would be a nice surprise to know the identity of this villain once the movie is out.

If you guys are interested in watching the full trailer, you can check it out through the link below:




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