The Boss Baby is one of those animated films that give us an idea as to where babies come from.

In Boss Baby, we realized that babies are made by Baby Corporation which guarantees the babies give love and joy to their parents.

It’s a very interesting movie and it isn’t surprising that we end up getting a sequel for the film.

The protagonist, Tim Templeton, is already an adult and we can see that he has already created a family of his own.

If Tim Templeton is grown up, we can probably guess that the Boss Baby is also a mature adult.

It is eventually revealed that Tim and his brother have grown apart over the years and their bond isn’t as strong as before.

The adult Boss Baby decides to go visit Tim and his whole family which is a great surprise for Tim.

It’s quite clear that everyone in Tim’s family greatly adore Boss Baby. However, Tim doesn’t have the same feelings as the rest of his family.

Eventually, the two get into a heated argument. However, the two hasn’t even noticed that a baby is watching them fight.

Eventually, The baby girl speaks out to them and she also decides to suit up like Boss Baby.

She eventually reveals that she is part of Baby Corporation and she wants Tim and the Boss Baby to go back into being little kids.

It’s here that the adventure starts and we see the Boss baby return to his adorable self.

The Boss Baby: Family Business will be out in cinemas on March 26, 2021.

For the trailer, you can click on the link below: