Trailer: Brightburn

As a child, we always dreamed that we would have super powers like super man or the flash.

It's not surprising that kids and even adults would fantasize about having super powers.

Well, what if you did have powers like Superman? Would you become a superhero or would you use it for your own interest?

Sony released a trailer for Brightburn which is their upcoming horror movie.

Honestly, it looks like a pretty interesting movie and we loved its concept just by basing it on the trailer.

Just imagine! A kid with super powers like superman but he uses it to do anything that he wants.

Everything starts out with the baby falling down to earth. This scene reminds us of superman when he came to earth.

Naturally, a couple found the baby and they decided to raise him on their own.

Okay, everything screams like a superman clone and the kid should grow up to be an outstanding individual right?

Not exactly, the movie revolves around the early years of the super child.

We should see him learn about his powers, develops and use it.

As you can see, his eyes are glowing and he might actually have heat vision or something.

We're pretty confident that the movie just wants to be another Superman movie.

However, we do feel like those eyes make it seem like he is going to grow up into a super villain.

It also doesn't help that the movie trailer is playing an ominous and eerie soundtrack.

At this point, we think that this is actually more of a horror or thriller type of movie.

We love horror and thriller movies especially as interesting as this one!

Gosh! The kid is really getting into this whole superhero thing.

He even has a costume but the way he stands is just too darn creepy to look at.

If this is how superman reacted when he had his powers, he would definitely cause a huge scene.

Heck! We would be amazed if this movie would lead to an evil superman movie in the future.

Well, we really can't blame the kid since he is treated like an outcast by everybody else.

If you're excited to watch this movie, then you're in luck since this comes out on memorial day.

We're not sure why they chose memorial day to release a horror movie but we're very excited to watch Brightburn.

If you want to learn more about Brightburn, you can watch the whole trailer below:



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