Trailer: Connected

Our family will always be there in our ups and downs. We can always rely on them for anything and everything that we do.
What if the world was in trouble? The only people that you can count on would be your family members.
In Sony's new animated movie, we get to see a family take on the greatest challenge of their entire lives.

The Mitchells are your typical family with their own quirks and problems. You probably wouldn't think much of them since they look quite ordinary.
However, fate has something else in store for them and they're going to go into the greatest road trip of their lives.
We just hope that they're prepared to take on the challenges that wait for them.

If you're thinking that these robots were completely harmless, then you would be surprise to know that they aren't.
In fact, these robots slowly turn evil and they decide to enslave the entire human race. If you want to build a robot, it's probably a good idea to build a safety switch in case they turn evil.
As you guys would expect, it's up to the Mitchells to save the world and it's probably not the road trip that they expected.

Luckily, the family manages to work together and fight off against the evil robots. We just hope that they will be able to save the world before anything crazy happens.
We can't wait to watch this movie as soon as it hits cinemas. Connected will be out in cinemas on September 18, 2020.

To watch the full trailer, you can click on the link below:



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