In the distant future, technology is incredibly advanced and humanity has encountered a new threat.

A new alien threat appears and they’re determined to take over the entire human race.

In Cosmic Sin, a group of soldiers must fight this alien threat before the human race is doomed.

If humans ever meet aliens in space, we’d probably end up fighting them for whatever reason.

In this movie, we can see that the aliens are highly intelligent and they will do anything to destroy their enemies.

It probably wasn’t a good idea to make these aliens our enemies. We could probably have befriended these aliens but that’s no longer possible now.

Fortunately, a few brave soldiers decided to volunteer and fight against these alien invaders.

Since they aliens have special abilities, it’s only natural that our human soldiers would wear a powerful space suit.

James Ford who is the main character is played by Bruce Willis. Unfortunately for James, he has to wear a very old model of the space suit while the rest of the soldiers will wear the latest model.

As a veteran solider, James Ford’s experience and skill will make up for the gap between him and the rest of the soldiers.

As for the aliens, it seems they’re completely geared up and prepared to invade planet earth. Hopefully, James Ford and his gang will be able to stop the alien invaders.

Cosmic Sin will be released in theaters on March 12, 2021. The movie will also be available on digital and on demand platforms.

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