Pokemon is a series of games that many people have grown up with. A generation of kids grew to love the series and future generations will also continue to love the series. it isn’t a surprise that a popular series like Pokemon has been adapted into cartoons and animated movies.

What is surprising is the movie adaptation of Detective Pikachu. What is Detective Pikachu you ask? Detective Pikachu is a spin-off game for the 3DS based on the Pokemon series. We’re quite excited since we get to see what a live action Pokemon film would look like.

We first see a young man named Tim Goodman who is looking for his father. Tim always dreamed of being a Pokemon trainer. Who wouldn’t want to be a Pokemon trainer when they were young, right?

As far as we know, the story is set within the Pokemon world. Pokemon trainers are a profession like lawyers, doctors, and policemen.

Eventually, we get to see Tim meeting a Pikachu within his home. We thought that this was a stray Pikachu but then we saw the cap. It is pretty clear that this Pikachu is special or at least owned by someone.

Well, it turns out that Tim is the only person that can understand this Pikachu which is quite strange. We then learn that the Pikachu specializes in detective work and it can help Tim look for his dad.

Tim and the Pikachu immediately sets off on an adventure. We can tell that they’re gonna meet all sorts of wild Pokemon just like this group of Bulbasaurs. After all, it wouldn’t be a Pokemon movie if Pikachu was the only Pokemon that we saw in the entire film.

Finally, we get to see Pikachu getting chased by a Charizard. We always loved Charizard especially after watching the anime. Charizard is just a cool looking Pokemon since it resembles a dragon.

We just hope that Tim Goodman doesn’t tire himself out because his companion seems to be quite a troublemaker.

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Detective Pikachu comes out on the Summer of 2019. You can check out the full trailer below: