Kevin Hart has made several movies and they all tend to be comedies or a mix between action and comedy.

What if Kevin Hart wanted to star in his own action movie? A lot of people probably wouldn’t think of him being capable of doing it.

In this brand new TV show, Kevin Hart plays as himself in an alternate timeline and he’s determined to become an action star.

In this alternate timeline, Kevin Hart isn’t known to be an action star and no one really believes he can be one.
Unfortunately for them, Kevin doesn’t want to be known as the funny guy anymore and he’s sure he can become an action star. Luckily for Kevin, there’s an action star school that he can join if he badly wants to become an action star.

Great! Kevin Hart will definitely get a role for an action movie, right?
Well, we’re not sure about that since the school is ran by Ron Wilcox who appears to be a lunatic.
Ron Wilcox is played by John Travolta which is surprising since we haven’t seen John Travolta in the TV screen for quite some time.

As expected, Kevin Hart gets into some crazy situations that actually puts him in danger.
It won’t be long before Kevin Hart actually gets killed if he chooses to continue with Ron’s training program.
Will Kevin realize his dream of becoming an action star or will Ron get him killed? We won’t know until the TV show starts airing on July 20, 2020.

For the full trailer, you can click on the link below: