We’ve always wondered what it would be like if you could talk to animals. We bet that it would be a strange but amazing experience.
While talking to animals might be a dream come true for many, it will probably freak out a lot of people for the first time.
Luckily, there’s no need to imagine the experience since the Doolittle movie will give us the answers.
Anyways, let’s go and check out the trailer for the movie.

We see Dr.Doolittle in the beginning of the trailer and he seems to be getting ready for another adventure.
It would seem that Dr.Doolittle is on a quest to help the Queen of England, but we don’t know why.
Nonetheless, we get to see the good doctor talk to all kinds of animals during his journey.
In fact, one of the animals is an incredibly dangerous predator.

Unfortunately, Dr.Doolittle has to tame this angry tiger and it definitely looks hungry.
While talking to animals is a nice super power, it might not work out all the time.
Luckily, Dr.Doolittle seems to know how to handle the tiger and escape from it.
We just hope that the doctor doesn’t continue doing more reckless things.

The good doctor will definitely have companions as he travel around the world.
It’s good to have both human and animal friends in this trip since it would give us a sense of adventure.
In any case, the movie looks incredibly exciting and we just can’t wait to watch it soon.
Doolittle comes out in cinemas on January 17, 2020.

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